Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Progress and the Home Stretch

More buzzing and pounding today, but the end is in sight!  Mike said he hopes to be finished by this evening.  I had homework last night!  They dropped off all the baseboards (I'm having new 3 inch high baseboards installed throughout most of the downstairs) -- they were primed but needed painted.  So after they left yesterday afternoon I ran up to Home Depot and began searching the color samples for the perfect shade of white.  Those of you who paint regularly know how many shades of white there are!  Some too pink, some too yellow, some too gray.  I finally settled on "Spiced White."  (To be honest, who would really know the difference now that they are on the wall?)  I came home where they had kindly set up some saw horses and the 16' long slats of baseboard in the garage for me to tackle.  I changed into my "paint clothes," turned on Pandora to Crosby, Stills and Nash and Led Zepplin, and began rolling on the paint.

Can you tell which ones I've done and which ones are still just "primer-painted?"  (Me neither!)  It was a whole lot of wood to paint, but it looks so nice now that they are skirting the rooms!

The rooms are coming along -- the guys just have a bit more caulking to do and the stairs to the bedroom wing to finish off.  Then they will help me put the furniture back into place and the cleaning of the dustbowl begins!  Everything is covered in fine dust, which has me sneezing.

I'll take a picture of the finished room once the tables are dusted, the plants and candles are placed, and all is in order again.

And now I'm going to go check on their progress again!

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