Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break is Here!

When I was a little girl we lived next door to my Aunt Bel.  She had the most luscious lilac bushes in front of her house.  Inhaling their sweet fragrance with my nose buried in those blossoms is a memory I will never forget.  Big fat bouquets of these purple flowers adorned our table tops.  Between lilacs and wild violets, no wonder I have such fond associations with the color purple.

Why have I deprived myself of that simple joy for so long?  Today I made a decision that I need to start asking myself more often -- is this something that I can bring back into my life?  Some things are impractical and must remain dear memories, but other things can relive in our lives once again.  It took a little research, after learning that I live in zone 8 and most lilac bushes do better in zones 3-7, but I finally found a hardy lilac shrub that will thrive in my climate. The blossoms are more of a pinkish hue, but it has a long bloom time.  So a Josee Reblooming Lilac bush will soon be on its way to me!

Here's to bringing beauty into our lives!

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