Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Rodeo

The California State Rodeo, held locally in Salinas, is a big deal around here. Locals either make a day of it, or avoid it all together. We only attended once before, a few years ago. Watching grown men chase a terrified calf around a pen in order to put a pair of pants on it wasn't entertainment to us, so we didn't go back. However, this year we decided to give it a second chance. Frozen yogurt and ice cream in hand, we made our way to the grandstand....

Bucking broncos: Some cowboys made it to the sound of the horn...
...and some didn't.
We were always happy for the steers that "got away".
Showing the horses running free, this was when the announcer talked about how much they loved their animals (appeasing the animal rights enthusiasts in us):

What would a rodeo be without country music?

And just in case you forgot your hat...

For sale: everything from kettle corn and barbeque burgers to belts and signs (we had to giggle over the sign with Obama's name -- as if it was as common as the name David or Kelly).

That was enough rodeo to last us several more years.

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